Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

Why Won’t The Telecoms Bring Me Better Internet?

Cost. The costs are mostly the labor needed to overcome our mountainous terrain. Simply put, the telecom companies invest heavily in labor, pole attachment fees, and somewhat in the fiber itself, to string fiber optic cable. Whether fiber or other wire, the media is relatively inexpensive. Labor is the biggest price, followed by the licensing, pole attachment fees, and other ancillary costs. There is simply not enough return on investment for the telecom company to justify the expense of running a wire or fiber, when our population density is sparse. To be competitive, a company needs to offer service at $30-$90/month, right? Well, if it costs hundreds of thousands to bring on the four or five families living up sleepy holler… Do the math. You won’t be seeing fiber in this lifetime; there’s simply not enough potential customers in the rural areas.

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