Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

What is CCRBDC trying to do?

We like to use the airport analogy. As a public/private partnership in the form of a co-op and non-profit, we can access funding not available to commercial entities. The issue of connectivity is front and center with the US Congressmen and Senators, so the federal government is investing. Millions. Our goal is to create the infrastructure, like building an airport, and then leasing the lines/fiber/radios to service providers. This way, we use public funds to build the connection backbone, and stay out of the telecom business. The telecoms won’t spend their money to build the connection backbone because it does not meet their ROI (return on investment) objectives. Ok, then. We will build it, using a combination of taxpayer grants, and let the telecoms use this backbone, much like a roadway, or terminal at an airport, to offer the people services.

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