Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

What is Broadband?

The term “Broadband” as used in this website, aligns with the FCC’s definition of MINIMUM sustained speeds of 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.

Here’s a wikipedia article about the term: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadband

Practically speaking, the 25/3 standard is adequate for most families and small businesses. You’ll be able to video conference, stream Netflix and do all the Internet related things at this speed. For bigger organizations, you will of course, need more speed.

Let’s debunk the term “High Speed Internet”. Flowery words with no standard definition. Sounds good, right: high speed? Relative to what? It’s like shopping a 50% off sale. Off of what? Numbers matter!

Most offerings of “High Speed Internet” are really DSL, or digital subscriber line, a family of technologies that encode data over the plain old copper lines used to service your analog phone. Go ahead and read up on DSL, keeping in mind that it takes 1,000 Kbps to make 1 Mbps and match the maximum speeds under perfect conditions to that of the FCC’s 25/3 standard.

You’ll quickly see how no DSL can achieve true Broadband speeds. Comine this with poor quality copper lines, poorly maintained, oversubscription of DSL services, and you can see why using DSL on a modern Internet reminds one of the early days of computing with telephone modems and that annoying beep-squawk-hiss-pop noise of getting connected.

Let’s Get WV Connected!

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