Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

What about Frontier and “high speed” Internet?

In rural areas, Frontier’s “high speed” Internet offering is DSL, or digital subscriber line. DSL is useful technology, because it encodes data across your existing copper phone lines. The problem in WV is many of our rural areas have old copper lines, with questionable quality, certainly aged, and poor maintenance. A very thin piece of copper will make an analog (old timey) phone work just fine. But step up the voltage to encode data, as is the case with DSL, and the copper lines need to be well maintained, short in length, and we just don’t have that here. The broadband survey is replete with complaints from residents who contacted their telecom, only to be told it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to string a new wire to their house! Yep, labor is expensive.

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