Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

Clay County

A page for details about Clay County.

12/9/20 Meeting

Eric: Review Roane Reconnect multi county project, with Roane EDA as applicant. Braxton, Roane, Clay, started Nov 2019 as a regional project. There are problems with application not funded in round 2, eligible in round 2.5 (ish). Now that RDOF is awarded, you can’t ask for funding for areas that are awarded in RDOF dollars.

The bulk of projects are in Braxton county, and Clay county; 522 customers on reconnect project (now); 270 in Clay county.

RDOF and Reconnect can both assist in building a backbone.

USDA is last mile really, but works with 1000-1200 feet from fiber, serves customers along the fiber line. USDA says a project must exclude RDOF areas

RDOF is funded over 10 years, ISP has to serve every customer in block at end of 5 years,