Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia


The CCRBDC was created by joint memoranda of the respective County Commissions of Clay, Calhoun, and Roane Counties, WV around August of 2017, with Clay County Commission acting as the fiscal agent. The CCRBDC consists of three voting members from each county: Roane County: Matt Erb, John Norman, and William Gross; Clay County: Barry McCune, and Connie Kinder; Calhoun County: Charles Thomas, Larry Baker, and Horst Motz. Also attending many of the CCRBDC meetings were Chip Westfall of Calhoun County, Jim Bostic of Roane County and our ex-officio member, Terry Martin, Project Coordinator at Regional Intergovernmental Council.

The CCRBDC’s milestones included:

  • Forming a three county regional committee
  • Creating a website, https://bb4wv.org
  • Creating a FaceBook page, https://facebook.com/bb4wv
  • Printing a handout and distributing it to all K-12 students in all three counties
  • Applying for a CDBG grant, and receiving an $125,000 award
  • Writing a RFP, meeting with respondents, and approving Design9 as a vendor
  • Working with the vendor
  • Approving the plan

Here is the final Feasiblity Study as approved by the committee:

Let’s Get WV Connected!

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