Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

About Us

Under this tab, you’ll find information about the group’s purpose, goals, progress and how to contact someone.

We call ourselves CCR Broadband Development Committee.

This site represents the collaborative work of the Roane County Broadband Committee, Calhoun and Clay Counties’ committees (names to be determined).  Use the submenus for details on the people, goals, purpose and how to contact this group.  Better yet, get involved! The meetings of various teams are captured on the calendar.

The Roane County Broadband Committee was formed to bring broadband service to all households where Internet service is poor, limited, or not available.  Broadband is Internet service which is fast, reliable, affordable, and unlimited. 

The Roane County Broadband Committee formally joined with Clay and Calhoun counties for planning, development and funding opportunities. The joint committee has three representatives from each county committee and is known as the CCR Broadband Development Committee.  Clay County is the lead because they already have an official designation of need which will prove beneficial to our efforts in securing funding and becoming part of the State Pilot Project.  CCR is assisted by Terry Martin, who is the Project Coordinator of the Regional Intergovernmental Council, which is Clay County’s equivalent to our MOVRC.

We have a new website: www.BB4WV.org  and we’re on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/bb4wv .  Use these sites for information and refer all your friends and neighbors!

We really need community input as part of the grant program.  If you can do at least one of the following Action Items, it would be very helpful to help get broadband where it’s needed.

Action Item: Take a Speed Test

One of the most important elements in establishing our need for broadband service is to show how much of the internet service currently available is sub-par.  Speed-test data is a huge part. We need everyone who has Internet service (other than satellite) to take a speed-test. Go to the WV Broadband Site https://broadband.wv.gov/ and click on the link to the speed-test.

You can and should take the speed-test more than once, in any location from which you access the internet and especially at different times of day and night.  Again, please ask everyone you know to take a Speed-Test!

Mission Statement

The mission of CCR Broadband Development Committee is to bond Clay, Calhoun, and Roane Counties, WV into a public/private partnership to bring affordable, available, and reliable broadband services to our rural areas with a goal to expand the economy; grow business and entrepreneurship; attract  people, ideas and investment; broaden educational opportunities; increase tele-work and tele-medicine; improve communication; enhance emergency services; increase home values; build  sustainable communities and give our citizens the ability to live better, longer, healthier, and more informed lives.