Let's Get WV Connected! Broadband in West Virginia

A Sample List of Tasks Within Each County

  1. List of all county owned property (lat/lon, elevation, location, name, access road, power)
  2. List of all schools (locations, power details, lat/lon, elevation, existing ISP-name, speeds)
  3. List of Stakeholders:
    1. List of all businesses, locations, owners contact info
    2. List of financial institutions, contact info, their ISP
    3. List of people willing to give, lease, or donate property with contact details, property info (lat/lon, elevation, access, power)
    4. List of ISP’s, service offerings and locations (from plan)
    5. List of governmental & other agencies, service providers, emergency services, healthcare
  4. List major connection points (cheaper, faster)
  5. List of existing towers, ownership, POC, reserve capacity, height, power
  6. Identify and list clusters of homes in the county
  7. Discuss, determine, implement business organization: county committee, Non-Profit, Co-op, Board)
  8. Marketing: website, FB, logo, merchandise, news releases
  9. Write: vision statement, short term goals, long term goals
  10. Write (draft) 3 year plan, 5 year plan
  11. Someone follow the legislature efforts
  12. Someone get tower smart (rules, heights, costs, processes)
  13. Someone to get grant smart besides Terry
  14. Someone get GIS smart
  15. Someone get tech smart: TV whitespace, fiber, WISP, radio, aircraft, satellite,
  16. List of People; key stakeholders, their contact info and role

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