Below is  a list of documents we found useful.

If it was handed out at a meeting and not otherwise copyrighted, we will publish it here.  Please note, for the sake of download speed, most of these documents are in Adobe PDF, and optimized for smaller filesize.

Absolute, Must Read!

 BroadbandUSA Technical Assistance Workshop This is a comprehensive guide from the NTIA, presented at Charleston, WV on September 19, 2017.  It is recommended as the first document to read, especially if you are new to the broadband planning idea.
ARC BB Planning Primer Toolkit The ARC Broadband Planning Primer Toolkit
HUD CDBG Funding Info about the HUD CDBG Funding Opportunity
Toolkit WV Broadband Planning Toolkit
Planning Toolkit BroadbandUSA planning a community broadband roadmap: a toolkit for local and tribal governments.
Coverage Charts Coverage Charts, Fixed Wireline and Census Tracts (2.3MB)
Request for Proposal Hampshire County RFP - A great example!

Good to Have References

BroadbandUSA Broadband USA information sheet, 1 page
BBUSA Costs Broadband USA Cost at a Glance, 3 pages that describe common costs associated with broadband projects
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10    Handouts from the 2017 Impact Summit  ITIF article, A Policymaker's Guide to Rural Brodband Infrastructure
Forms 2017 CDBG Application Forms

2017 CDBG Application Instructions



When possible, the author of each document is acknowledged.

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