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Letter from Roane County's Outreach Chair

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Dear Roane County Broadband "Community Links" people,

There is much to report and some requests for action on your part.

There is still a Roane County Broadband Committee.  Members include:

Mark Whitley, Chair (Roane Economic Development Authority)
Matthew Erb, Vice Chair & CCR Rep (Certified Project Development Mgr)
Kim Davis (Chamber of Commerce & EDA)
Melissa O'Brien, Secretary (Roane County Commission)
John Norman, Business Committee & CCR Rep (First Energy)
William Gross, Tech Committee & CCR Rep (Gross Security)
Lisa Messineo, Community Outreach Committee
Jim Bostic, CCR alternate rep (small biz owner BSM, Inc.)

For the purposes of project planning and development, as well as funding opportunities, we have formally joined with Clay and Calhoun counties.  The joint committee has 3 representatives from each county committee and is known as the CCR Broadband Development Committee (see CCR Rep designations above).  Clay County, with the Assistance of Terry Martin (Project Coordinator, Regional Intergovernmental Council....Clay's equivalent to our MOVRC), is the lead agency on this because they already have an official designation of need which will prove beneficial in our efforts to secure funding and become part of the State Pilot Project.

There is a Public Hearing scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 26 at 5:15 at the Courthouse in the Commission Chambers when we hope to be finalizing our part in an application for a WV Development Office Small Cities Block Grant for the purpose of project planning.  Fred Rader from MOVRC has been instrumental in this process and application.

Action Item: Letters of Support - why you need broadband service...

We recently received the following request for letters of support from Terry Martin:

  "The CCR Broadband Development Committee, consisting of three chosen delegates from each county, met October 19, 2017. Community input is a large part of the HUD grant program. If you, in your business or daily capacity, could write a letter of support as to why your business or agency needs broadband service. You can address them to the CCR Broadband Development Committee, c/o Regional Intergovernmental Council, 315 D Street, South Charleston, WV 25303."

If you and your friends and neighbors can write letters explaining why you need Broadband Service, and send them to this address, they will be used in support of our efforts to secure funding for broadband development county-wide.  "Broadband service" is high-speed internet that is not limited in how much you use.  For our purposes, people subscribing to Satellite Internet (which is limited and unreliable) have no existing internet service.  Your interests and needs can include: education, communication, business, shopping, online banking, bill payment, small business, tele-working (working from home), entertainment, internet-supported phone service or security, medical needs, etc.  You should consider and mention all potential users, and reference any problems you have regarding internet reliability.

We also have a new website:  Use this site for your information and refer all of your friends and neighbors to it as well. 

Action Item: Speed Tests

One of the most important elements in establishing our need for broadband service is to show how the internet service currently available is sub-par.  (For example, those who have Sudden Link probably have decent speed; Frontier subscribers often do not.)  In any case, speed-test data is a huge part of substantiating need. Therefore, we need everyone who has internet service (other than satellite) to take a speed-test.  To take a speed-test, go to our website:, and click on the link to the speed-test, and then be sure to report your results.  You can take the speed-test more than once, in any location from which you access the internet.  Again, please ask everyone you know to take a Speed-Test!

Also, please note that I have a new email address which I would like to use for all broadband project communication.  It is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yes, you may share the information in this email at your discretion....hopefully to get others to write letters and take speed-tests, thereby furthering our cause of bringing broadband service to all of Roane County.

With gratitude and in solidarity of mission,

Lisa Messineo

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